5 Ways To Sell Your Home Quickly

It is not difficult to sell your home quickly.  You don't have to do major renovations, or pay someone to come in and redecorate.  All you need to do is remember some simple secrets before putting your home on the market, and you just may sell it faster than you thought.  So before you call the realtors in your home town, follow these simple rules to get your home sold quickly.

Make a Great First Impression       

When potential buyers drive up to your home, they've already made a decision about whether or not they like the outside of the house.  The interior won't matter if they've decided they don't like the look of the home from the road.  Always check your landscaping to be sure that it is inviting and looks alive and colorful.  Plant colorful flowers and bushes, and water the grass, flowers and shrubs often while your home is on the market.  Make sure the area around the front door is clean of dirt, debris and leaves.  Repaint the trim if necessary.  Make sure that the look of your home from the curb is inviting and draws visitors in.

Have Good Lighting       

Regardless of when your home is showing, lighting is very important.  Making sure the atmosphere is well lit can make a home show better than one that is darker and dimmer.  Draw drapes to allow as much daylight in as possible.  Make sure that windows are clean and not covered by shrubbery outside.  Allow the natural light to brighten the room, but also have lamps with higher wattage and clean lampshades in each room to increase the brightness.  Make sure that accent lights are on, and always use lighting to your advantage.  A cheery and bright home will sell quicker. 

Make It Comfortable, but Not Personal    

Depersonalizing your home will allow others to see themselves living there.  When homebuyers are bombarded with your personal things, they won't be able to picture their things in each room, and can't picture themselves living there.  It is best to remove all family photos, keepsakes, collections and personalized items.  Sometimes it is helpful to put some of your things into storage to cut down on personal "stuff."  Staging your home will make it seem to potential buyers that they could easily live there, giving your home more potential.  Arrange your furniture to maximize the floor plan, while staging will also make it look less like your home and more like a potential buyer's home.            

Clean Out the Home Before Selling     

In order to showcase the storage that you have available in your home, it is a good idea to get rid of as much as possible before selling.  This allows you to have less in the storage areas and closets of the home, and makes it look like there is more room for storage.  Take half of your belongings out of your closets to make them look bigger.  Always keep cabinets neat and organized to show that space as well.  Again, it may benefit you to rent a storage unit for your things while your home is on the market.  This way, your home will be less cluttered, and will appear to have lots of vast storage.

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Always Be Ready      

Keeping your home show-ready at all times will allow you to be able to jump in the car quickly and allow buyers to see your home at their convenience.  Always keep dishes out of the sink, clothes in the hamper and shoes put away.  It is a good idea to clean the bathroom daily, so that it will be shining when someone takes a peek.  Dust, vacuum and sweep or mop daily to keep your surfaces and floors clean for buyers.  Make it a habit to immediately put something away when you use it.  Keep kids in the habit of cleaning up all toys, books and clothing after they are finished. 

Following these easy tips can get your home sold faster.  The realtors coming in and out of your home with potential buyers may also have some suggestions for you as well.  Staying on top of everything will allow you to sell your house quicker and to get into your next home sooner.