Deciding To Rent An Apartment: Basic Check List

If you are looking into renting an apartment, whether you are just moving out of mom and dad's house for the first time or are looking to upgrade from your current space, there are several things to consider in your search for the perfect apartment for you. Here is a guide to help make this daunting process a little smoother. 

Location, Location, Location

Whether you are in a busy metro area or in a college town, consider the location of the apartment you will be looking to rent. How much time will you have to spend in your car for your commute? If you are a college student, can you walk to class from your apartment? Will you need to figure out parking? Finding the ideal location is the first hurdle in finding an apartment to rent. 

How Much Space Do I Need?

If you are a single person, perhaps you can get by with a studio-style apartment. If you are a family, think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you desire. This will help you narrow down your search. If you are using an online search engine, you can quickly narrow your search results by knowing this information. If you are using a realty agent, such as Advanced Realty, giving them this information will help to get you into the perfect apartment for you quicker. Consider whether or not you will require storage space. Some apartments offer reasonable storage rooms on site if you are moving extra items that you will not be needing. 

Furry Friends

It is always a task finding the ideal living space for your pets when you are renting. Some apartments have a strict pet policy, so check on pet policies when you are looking for your apartment. You can often expect a pet deposit, and sometimes there will be an additional monthly fee for having a pet in the apartment. Also, be aware that some breeds of larger dogs are not permitted, so make sure you are asking those questions when speaking with apartment representatives. If you are not a pet owner, but may be renting an apartment within a complex that does allow pets, ask the apartment representatives how many of your potential neighbors have dogs. This is important for those that do not wish to hear occasional barking or other pet -related noises. 

Read the Fine Print

If you have found an apartment to rent that you feel good about, make sure you read through the entire lease agreement and ask any questions you have about the fine print. There is nothing worse than dealing with unexpected fees or other cleaning duties upon move-out time that you were not expecting. Ensure you understand the terms of your deposit refund, and if in doubt, ask questions! 

Finding the right apartment to rent can feel like an overwhelming task. But if you have a clear idea of your space needs, ideal location, and understand the lease terms, pet policies, and lease terms, the apartment search can be an exciting and fun time.