How to Keep Your Wardrobe Organized While it's in Self Storage

Turning a self storage unit into a temporary closet is an effective way to store your clothing while you travel or spend time moving from one place to another. Everything can be stored, so it's easy to get to if necessary and a storage unit will help ensure that everything stays safe from the outdoor elements. Here is how to keep your wardrobe organized while it's out of your full-time care.

Create Temporary Closets

One of the best ways to keep things organized is to set up temporary closets along the walls of your storage unit. This can be done with the help of a few different options such as:

  • Closet boxes available from moving companies and home improvement stores.
  • Do-it-yourself laminate closet systems that can be put up and taken down in a matter of just a couple hours.
  • Wire racks that can be used to stack and hang clothing on.

An inexpensive dresser from the thrift store is a great option for your unmentionables and other things that you'd rather not have exposed directly to the air.

Find Elevation for Shoes

The last thing you want to do is line your shoes along the ground where they are most accessible to bugs, dust, and grime. Find ways to pick them up off the floor without taking up all your clothing space with these tips and tricks:

  • Hang cloth shoe racks from the end of a dresser or closet unit.
  • Hit long nails into the side of a dresser, leaving an inch of two of the head exposed so the shoelaces of your favorite shoes can be hung around them.
  • Use the shoelaces of shoes to hang them on hangers within your closet system.

You can also use old storage or shoe boxes and place them upside down on the floor underneath your closet system and put your shoes on top of those.

Make an Accessory Corner

Accessories can be pretty vulnerable to elements like moisture and dust, especially when they are made of delicate materials such as silk or leather. Belts can be hung on a rod within your closet system, but your other accessories may be better off stored in these ways:

  • Use a heavy-duty cloth bag with a drawstring to hold silk items like scarves to help to keep moisture off the fabric.
  • Hang netted bags along the wall that can be used for perfume, jewelry, and hair accessories so they can be easily seen yet protected.

Once your accessories have been put in their place, you should have a fabulous walk-in closet space that will keep your things safe until you're ready to move them back into a permanent spot again. For more information on storing your things effectively, talk to experts such as Epic Group Inc.