How To Rid Your Home Of Bird Mites

Before calling pest control to help you get rid of creatures you suspect are bird mites, there are several steps that you can take by yourself to remove the infestation. This article discusses those steps that will help you do away with a bird mite infestation in your home.

Confirm the Identity of the Pest

Many people think that they are being bitten by bird mites yet the culprit could be other tiny pests like biting gnats or bedbugs. The treatment method for each of these pests is different and that is why the first important step is to get a positive identification that what is biting your family members are bird mites.

To get this identification done, lay the sticky side of packing tape upwards on surfaces where you suspect the pests frequent. Alternatively, when you are bitten, pass this packing tape over the affected part of your skin and you will capture some of those pests.

You should then take those samples to an entomology officer in your municipality. Once it is confirmed that they are bird mites, take the steps below.

Locate and Remove the Source of Infestation

Check your attic and chimney or any other places where you suspect birds could be nesting or may have nested in the past and remove those nests. Ensure that any steps you take to remove the birds don't violate bird protection laws.

Vacuum Infested Rooms

Regularly vacuuming infested rooms will significantly reduce the problem. Ensure that each time you vacuum an infested room the vacuum bag is immediately removed, sealed in another bag and then put in a freezer so that the mites are killed by the low temperature.

Wash All Fabrics

All fabrics (curtains, clothes, upholstery) in infested rooms should be washed and dried. This should be repeated several times in a week or you will be compelled to call pest control to deal with the mite infestation.

Apply Appropriate Insecticides

Purchase insecticides in both spray form as well as powder form. These insecticides should be specifically made to kill bird mites since those are the pests you are fighting. The powder should be applied to all cracks or crevices while the spray should be used when the rooms are closed. Ensure that you follow the instructions on how to use the insecticides otherwise if you deviate and want to mix a stronger concentration the mites may avoid treated areas and become immune to those insecticides.

For the best results, treat infested rooms several times after every few days and vacuum each time you treat. With further questions, consult pest control experts, such as Accurate Termite & Pest Control.