2 Common Types Of Winter Pests And Why They Are Dangerous In Your Home

As the winter starts to set in, most people like to enjoy the comforts of their home more. Most families start staying inside more often. Adults pull out the cozy blankets as children enjoy slumber parties on the floor. However, during this time, seasonal allergies kick in. Since the trees are no longer blooming, one possible reason is that pests are in your home. Here are the two common winter pests and why they are dangerous in your home.

Squirrels, Raccoons, and Other Neighborhood Animals

You enjoy your warm home, and in the winter months, squirrels, raccoons, and other neighborhood animals are looking for a warm home as well. They favor slumbering in crawl spaces, attics, and under exterior siding. These animals will hide anywhere humans are not active.

These neighborhood animals are not typically dangerous. They won't initiate an attack on anyone in your home. The dangers these animals do present are that they carry fleas, ticks, and mites. These tiny pests bite and you could be highly allergic to them. Neighborhood animals and these pests also carry diseases such as Lyme disease.

Box Elder Bugs and Ladybugs

Box elder bugs and ladybugs are cute and interesting from afar, but once they get inside your clothing, they become nothing but pests! It's hard to detect them also. Families are often embarrassed having elder bugs and ladybugs crawl out of clothing when they are out in public.

Elder bugs and ladybugs tend to get into the home through windows and underneath doors. They come in massive swarms in some areas of the country, making it difficult for the homeowner to get inside without a few of these bugs flying in too.

As far as being pests goes, these bugs are simply a nuisance. They do not bite nor transmit diseases, but they do get into everything. These bugs fly, so they aren't too afraid to go where they want. You can catch them in your kitchen ceilings, wrapped in covers on your bed, or nestled in the laundry room. Thankfully, they do not eat away at your clothing like moths do. However, if a large sum of their feces accumulates on your clothing that could cause stains.

Just because you can't see these pests, it doesn't mean they aren't there. You want to be cautious of these pests if they have been in your home before or they dominate your area. Contact a pest control specialist like Heritage Pest Control for a thorough examination of your home. They know the exact signs to look for to determine if these pests are in your home.