How To Get Your Child To Help You Sell Your Home

Selling your home can be stressful for individuals or couples, but when you add children to the mix it can become even more difficult. As a parent you will have to help your child deal with their emotional attachment to your home and find a way to encourage them to keep your home ready to show on short notice. 

Deal With Emotional Attachments 

Both children and adults form strong attachments to their homes. However, while you may be able to outweigh your nostalgia with logic, your child may need a little help. You should realize that many children go through the five stages of grief concerning your move, and you should be prepared to help them through every stage. 

During the first two stages, denial and anger, your child may even try to sabotage your efforts to sell your home. This can be as basic as refusing to clean up for an open house or as complex as actually causing minor damage to your property to make it less desirable. 

You should try to help your child through these first two stages before you start showing your home. Let your child know you will be selling your home as soon as you are sure of your decision, and try to focus on the positives of your move. 

Make Your Child Invested in the Sell 

Constantly telling your child that they need to pick up their room for another showing or arguing with them about removing their personal items from your home during your selling period can get old quickly. To avoid these little battles, you should try to get your child invested in selling your home. 

If you know where you will be moving once the home is sold, you can have your child start to plan how they will decorate their new room. Similarly, if you will have extra cash from the selling of your home, you can consider offering your child a treat if they consistently help with the cleaning and prepping before the sell. 

Preparing your home to be sold can be an emotional time for you. It is important that you take the time to check in with your children and see how they feel about the move. Some will be excited to help with selling the home while others will be happier not get involved. Either way, make sure your child feels secure throughout the entire process. 

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