Moving Companies And You: What You Need To Know Before You Hire

Before you become paralyzed by the burden of moving all your belongings, consider hiring a moving company to help relieve some of the stress you are feeling. Moving companies today are readily available should you chose to ask for help.

As you consider whether or not to hire a moving company, keep these key factors in mind. 

Consider the Costs

Moving is an expensive endeavor. One of the key factors to keep in mind is the additional costs you will incur by hiring a moving company.Every moving company is different when it comes to how much they charge for an individual job. Never accept an over-the-phone estimate from a moving company. 

Instead, schedule appointments with several moving companies in your area. Have them come and take a look at your home, the amount of stuff you intend to have them move, and the like. Do not leave any stone unturned either.

If you have boxes tucked away in a nook under your stairs or in some other hiding place, ensure the movers see those as well. You want to get the most thorough and accurate estimate for service you can get before you commit.

Make Sure They Are Both Licensed and Insured

Once you have narrowed your choices down, you will want to makes sure your potential moving company has all of the proper paperwork in order. After all, should you decide to hire a moving company, you will be placing your possessions in their hands. You want to make sure you can trust them, and that should something go wrong, you will be appropriately compensated. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a website where you can check to see if your potential moving company is properly licensed. Check this site and you will get all of the information you need to determine if the company is legitimately insured and licensed.

Consider Your Packing Needs

Professional movers are adept at packing large amounts of possessions including valuables, breakables, and glassware. If you are not an experienced packer or do not have the time or patience to properly pack items that could be easily broken in the moving process, a moving company can save you a great deal in the costs of broken items. 

Remember that the decision to hire a moving company depends entirely upon your needs, capabilities and time constraints. Moving companies can help ease some of the burden of the stressful moving process. So, if you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to cope with all of the responsibilities, schedule an estimate or two and see if a moving company is right for you.