Eliminate Security Concerns: Choosing A Self Storage Unit

If you are moving, and you can't take all of your belongings with you to your new space, check into local storage units before getting rid of anything valuable. If you don't want to get rid of furniture, sports equipment, electronics or other things that you can't take with you, the storage unit is a great way to keep everything contained and safe in one place.

Storage units have break-ins daily, so it's important to choose a storage facility that puts security as a top priority. As you start to look at units, check for the following things.

Gated Entry

Can you pull into the driveway of the storage facility and drive around all of the units without anything in your way? This means anyone has access to your storage unit, at any time of the day. Look for a facility that requires you have a key code, a combination or a key to get in the first set of gates. Some storage units may even have a guard that they keep at the entrance of the storage unit.

Camera Surveillance

Is there 24 hour security surveillance around the entire facility? If there is, and there are signs posted that warn people they are being recorded on camera, this can help reduce theft in the area. People don't want to risk being monitored when they try to break into the unit, and the cameras can catch someone who does manage to get in.

Cylinder or Automated Locks

Locking a storage unit with a padlock isn't effective because someone can easily snap the lock with bolt cutters. A facility that has cylinder locks that can't be damaged by someone working outside of the unit is much more secure. Some facilities may even have a keypad or automated entry systems, which would be very difficult to hack for an intruder.

Applicant Screening

Can anyone sign a lease and get a rental unit, or do you have to complete a credit check and background check? Facilities that are careful who they lease to are more concerned about break-ins from those who are leasing a unit.

You want to rest easy knowing that the items you have in storage are going to stay in storage. Talk with multiple storage companies to compare the prices, and then meet with the managers in person to find out about the security on site. Also ask about storage insurance.