Improve The Appearance Of The Exterior Of Your Business

When you proactively work to improve the appearance of your business, you show your customers that you care. If people have to step over cigarette butts and chewing gum in order to make it to your door, what message are you sending? A clean and neat exterior is warm and welcoming to customers, clients and employees.


Overgrown grass, untrimmed bushes and weeds will make even the tidiest business look unkept. On the other hand, a well-executed landscaping job can bring a dull looking business to life. Consider using gravel, mulch and plant-life to make the outside of your company look neat and more welcoming.

Pick things up 

To get started with cleaning the outside of your business, someone must physically pick things up. Small debris and rubbish will likely gather over time, so you should have a system in place where someone regularly goes outside and picks up any litter they see on the property. 

Scrub down

Graffiti, chewing gum stains and oil marks can really hurt the appearance of your business. To rid your property of these sorts of things, you will need to thoroughly scrub the place down. If you can't take these issues on yourself, consider using a commercial pressure washing company, such as A Blast To the Past, to assist you.

Keep it clean

To avoid having to go through the same cleaning process over and over, think of ways to keep things clean over time. For example, putting ashtrays outside your business will greatly decrease the number of cigarette butts being thrown on the ground. Outdoor trash containers will help cut down on any littering as well.


Sometimes for people to follow rules, they need to constantly be reminded of them. Consider posting signs outside of your business warning people not to litter. If you have outdoor surveillance cameras, posting that information will also deter potential litterers and vandals.


While this step might not exactly be considered cleaning, it is important in regards to the appearance of your business. A fresh coat of paint can make your business look brand new. It's also a lot easier to clean a nicely painted wall than one that already has paint peeling off of it.

Is there a walkway or a section of your parking lot with crumbling gravel or cement? These kinds of issues need to be addressed immediately, because no amount of cleaning will make these problems go away.