What To Do About A Dead Animal On Your Business Property

It's not a pleasant thought, but sometimes an animal will die on your property. This is a huge concern for a business owner as it comes with several issues that can affect every aspect of your business.

Issues Associated With Dead Animals on the Premises

  • If the animal dies in the open, it can scare away customers or clients
  • If the animal dies in hidden or hard to reach areas, you will have to contend with the smell, which will also drive people away
  • If the animal dies somewhere in your pipes or vents, then it becomes a serious health problem
  • If the animal dies somewhere around products or goods, then it becomes a sanitation issue

Then there is the fact that even after the removal of a dead animal, you still have to contend with the smell. If that animal attracted flies, other insects, or parasites, then that's another issue you have to deal with.

As you can see, there's a lot that can happen from one dead animal on your property, so it's best to deal with them immediately.

What to Do About a Dead Animal

Try to remove it yourself – It's possible to deal with a dead animal yourself, but it's never recommended. Unless you know precisely how to remove the carcass and properly dispose of it, then you shouldn't attempt it. It's not as easy as rolling the animal up and dumping it in the trash. However, if you want to give it a try:

  • Wear plastic gloves and a facial mask
  • Keep sanitizing wipes, alcohol gel, and a clean cloth or napkin on you
  • Narrow down where the smell is coming from
  • Find the animal, place it in a plastic bag
  • Spray area with disinfectant
  • Dispose of carcass

Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, it's not so simple as that. For each of those steps, there are caveats. Narrowing down the smell is tricky, and it's highly possible that the animal is somewhere hard to reach, like inside of a duct or behind a wall.

Additionally, many areas have special rules for discarding dead animal bodies. You will have to look them up for your area. You may have to call the town to pick up the carcass.

Have a professional remove it – This is the easier option, although it will cost you more than if you do it yourself. Professionals like Wildlife Extractors will know precisely what they need to do to get rid of the dead animal carcass and cleanse the area.

They will also know how to get rid of the smell. If you're running a business, then hiring professional wildlife control is the best bet as they can get in and get out quickly. And that will keep your downtime to a minimum.