How To Set Up Keyless Entry On Your Commercial Safe

Although most business owners prefer to buy a less expensive means of locking up their cash, you have a greater concern with regards to armed theft. Since convenience stores and gas stations report armed robberies on a regular basis, and most of them rarely keep more than fifty dollars in their safes, you want to make sure your liquid assets are safe. You also want better control over who can access the safe and who cannot. To set up keyless entry on your safe, you will need to do the following.

1. Purchase a Safe that Will Be Compatible with Keyless Entry

The type of safe you are looking for should be heavy duty, fireproof, bulletproof, waterproof, and not have a cantilever handle. It also cannot have any timed openings, but it can have electrical controls. Some number-coded entry locks may work, but you will have to contact your commercial locksmith and ask about what coded locks are acceptable.

2. Choose Identity Card Swipe Feature

If you want to exercise some serious control over your safe, ask your locksmith to install an identity card swipe recognition feature. This allows you and a very select few of trusted individuals to access the contents of the safe with a magnetic strip-equipped identity card. The main benefit with this feature is that you can see who swiped their card last, in case your account of what is in the safe is currently incorrect. Then you know exactly who to go to to find out what happened.

3. Make an Appointment with Your Local Commercial Locksmith

You will need to mark off about three or four hours for your locksmith, like from High Security Locksmith, to complete the safe's lock transformation. During that time, you and the employees who will receive an identity swipe card need to be present for the locksmith to program everyone into the complicated system. You will also want to find an alternative to store your cash if you schedule your appointment during normal business hours.

What Your Locksmith Will Do Next

He or she will probably leave you with a warranty statement for services rendered (as well as the bill). If anything goes wrong or your safe experiences some bugs, (which it should not!), you can contact the same locksmith for emergency repairs. Now your keyless entry safe with identity card swipe functions is ready to go, and you can rest easy knowing your safe is well-protected.