Don't Have Space For Your Motorcycle At Home? Rent Some Storage Space

If you do not have a garage, or do not have space in your garage to store your motorcycle, you should look into renting a storage unit for your motorcycle. Most storage units offer indoor and outdoor storage spaces where you could store your motorcycle when you are not using it.

Indoor Motorcycle Storage: What To Look For In A Unit

If you need a place to store your motorcycle for a long period of time, you should look into indoor self storage units in your area.

For a motorcycle, you would want a storage unit that is at least 5 ft by 10 ft. This will give you more than enough space to store your bike and some riding equipment as well. You do not need a climate controlled unit to store your bike in.

If your bike is a work in progress, and you need some space to build your bike, you may want to go with a larger unit, such as a 10 ft by 15 ft unit. This will give you enough room to build your bike and store your tools. If you anticipate working in your unit on your bike a lot, you may enjoy the comfort that comes with a climate controlled unit.

You can rent a unit that has steel roll-up doors so that when you pull up in your motorcycle, it will feel just like you are pulling up to your garage.

Outdoor Motorcycle Storage: What To Look For In A Unit

If you do not want to store your bike inside, you can always rent an outdoor parking area at a storage unit. Most outdoor parking area spots are about 10 ft by 20 ft. You can store more than one motorcycle in each parking area spot. Or you could store a motorcycle and another small vehicle, such as an ATV, in one spot.

The best part about parking your motorcycle inside of a storage facility in one of their outdoor storage spots is the security. Your bike will be under 24-hour video surveillance, making it a really bad target for theft. Plus, the only people who can access the lot where your bike is located have to enter a personal security code to get through the gates. If anyone touches your bike, you will be able to quickly figure out who it is.

If you do not have space at your house or apartment to safely store your motorcycle, you need to call a local storage facility, such as ABC Moving & Storage, and see if they have any space available. You can store your motorcycle inside a 5 ft by 10 ft indoor unit, or you can park it outdoors in a 10 ft by 20 ft space. Either way, your bike will be safe and secure.