Old School Methods: How To Safely Transport Your Large Antiques

If you are inheriting antique items from your family, you are aware of how much the item means to your family members and how long it has been in the family. If you are bequeathed an antique you know that this is a special item that must be cared for. The biggest issue with inheriting large antiques and heirlooms is figuring out how to pack them up and move them if you are out of state. Here is a step-by-step instructional on safely shipping large, fragile antiques.  

Hire a professional shipping service  Find a professional moving service that has experience with fragile items and antiques, then have them come pick up and safely transport your item. Make sure that your moving service also offers insurance, in the event that your fragile item is damaged in any way during the trip. 

Take apart any detachable parts If you are moving something like an antique bed, you should take apart the peices of the bed that are held together by latches or screws. It can be tempting to transport antique furniture items whole; however, there is a good chance that damage can insue if any of the screws and latches are old, loose, or damaged, as can be typical with antiques. Deconstruct all of the parts, get them properly wrapped, and make sure not to stack them. 

Label and separately box all accessories  Sometimes, antiques will come with accessories. If your antiques come with any type of small accessories that are attached or hung from the item, label these with their name and where they go on the item. Have the accessories placed in their own padded box. This way, if you have to put the item back together alone, you know what everything is and where it belongs. Sometimes, if you lose an accessory to an antique it may be nearly impossible to find again. The item could also lose its value due to missing original parts. For this reason, you want them boxed and labelled to preserve the integrity of your antique with all of the original parts.

Use comforters and blankets Antiques that are breakable, such as vases, framed paintings, and mirrors, need to be wrapped up in order to be protected. You can put these items inside of bubble wrap, then wrap them in an extra layer of a fluffy blanket or comforter. The comforter serves two purposes. The first is to protect the item and the second is to pad the box that you will be transporting the item inside. Get heavy duty box and be sure to wrap your item inside of comforters and blankets to keep it safe in transport.