Cheap Home-Staging Tricks

Staging the home is the process of making surface-level adjustments that will make the home look more attractive to potential buyers. While you can hire a professional to do this, there are also many ways you can do this yourself.

Add a Pedestal Sink

If you do not have one already, replace your old sink with a pedestal sink. This will make your bathroom appear larger, and a larger bathroom is one common request of home buyers. Keep the bathroom especially uncluttered to make it look larger.

Style the Dining Room

The dining room can look bare when it is not dinnertime. Therefore, you will want to add something to the table to style it, but a very large arrangement might be overwhelming. A better option is to line a series of small vessels down the center of the table. 

Open the Drapes

Make sure that your home looks bright, not dark and dreary. Take pictures during the day so you can take advantage of natural lighting. In the listing photos, something as simple as opening the drapes can make your home much more attractive to home buyers. 

Paint the Tiles

If your bathroom has dated tiles, a simple fix is to paint them. Add a high-adhesion primer first. Then, brush on a ceramic epoxy covering. Then your tiles will look newer, but the change will cost much less than buying new tiles. 

Put Everything Away

Outside of decorative pieces, such as a vase, all of your belongings must be put away. If your home appears cluttered, this will tell the buyer that your home does not have enough storage space. Also, the clutter will distract the buyer from those things that you want him or her to look at. The buyer will see the kids' toys rather than the plush carpet.

Rearrange the Furniture

Even if you have beautiful furniture, if you do not arrange the furniture in a symmetrical manner, your living room will not look as beautiful as it could. Pull your furniture away from the walls to leave a small amount of space. Use pairs of sofas, chairs, and lamps so that the living room feels coordinated.

If you are still struggling to stage your home perfectly, you should consult with your real-estate agent or an agent from an agency like EXIT Lakes Realty Premier for assistance. He or she may be able to set you up with a professional home stager who can make your home as appealing as possible.