Your Emergency Plan For Apartment Complexes

As an expert in property management, you need to provide your renters with more services than simple maintenance and trash removal. To increase safety and to strengthen your reputation, you should develop a disaster response plan. Although a true emergency may rarely develop, having a plan in place can save lives when that tornado, fire, or hurricane develops. 


Experts recommend putting an emergency response team in place. This Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) can be comprised of any interested employee who is willing to undergo training that will help your renters before first responders can arrive. These functions can include basic first aid and organizational functions such as getting people out of the building or into safe areas. During a widespread crisis, first responders may take some time to arrive at your property. As a result, a CERT team can be invaluable. 

Evacuation and Sheltering Plan

No matter the size of your property, you need to have an evacuation and sheltering plan in place for an emergency. If a fire breaks out on the first floor, all of your tenants will be affected. You should hire a company to construct such a plan and then post the plan on each floor of the complex. In case of a wind storm, your tenants need to know the safest place in the building. If you have a basement, you should locate the spot most likely to withstand a tornado. In addition, you should have supplies such as bottled water, flashlights, and storm radios stored in that same area. 

Communication Plan

You need a simple and clear tenant communication method. As long as the power is up, you can post updates and allow questions on a website or a social media page. Of course, in the midst of a crisis, the power may be out. Since most people have cell phones, you can set up a texting thread that goes out to all tenants in order to give them instructions. You can also designate members of your crisis team to go door to door if necessary.

Crisis management is a part of running an apartment complex. You need to have specific plans in place for any conceivable occurrence and a team ready to help your tenants. Consult with experts to make an evacuation plan and keep the necessary supplies on hand. These steps will help to keep your tenants safe and also bolster your reputation as a business. 

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