3 Of The Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Showing Their Lived-In Home To A Potential Buyer

When you make the decision that you want to sell your home, if you are like the average homeowner, the house which goes on the market is the same one you have to live in until the property gets sold. This will mean that, while continuing to live in your home, you will also have to take on the responsibility of keeping your home ready to show to a potential buyer when they show interest, and this is not always an easy feat. There are some costly mistakes you can make as a homeowner showing your lived-in home, which could turn a buyer off completely. 

Mistake: Keeping your pets in the house at the time of the showing.

Why? A barking dog, squawking parrot, or growling cat in the house can be a distraction for a buyer taking a look, but it can also make them second guess whether they actually want the home or not. While many people do have pets, not all like the idea of having a pet in the house, as this can pose allergy issues and even damage. Therefore, just the idea that there are now pets in the home can be enough to make some buyers uninterested in making an offer.

Mistake: Allowing a buyer to take a look at a messy home. 

Why? A home you are trying to sell and live in at the same time is going to look, well, lived in. However, there is a big difference between a home where there are crayons and a coloring book on the counter or the day's mail on an entry table and a home that has toys strewn from the entryway to the bathroom or stacks of mail from the last several months hanging out all over the house. If the house is too messy, it will be hard for a buyer to see its true glory.

Mistake: Inviting a buyer in to view a dirty home. 

Why? Just like there is a difference between lived-in and messy, there is also a difference between messy and all-out dirty. A sink full of dishes, non-vacuumed floors, and a toilet that needs a good cleaning are all examples of things which should be taken care of before you show your home to a buyer. A home which is considered dirty will definitely not be viewed in a tasteful light by a potential buyer. 

For more tips about showing and selling your home, contact a real estate agent.