Find A Luxury Apartment For Less

You want the finer things in life, but unfortunately your budget doesn't ft your outlook. You can get a little bit of luxury into your living situation without spending a fortune. Here are some strategies to get a high end apartment for a lower price. 


You'll get the most for your money when you rent the fanciest apartment in a less than luxurious neighborhood. Try renting a space in a neighborhood that used to be chic but is now losing popularity, or get a space in an up and coming neighborhood that people are just beginning to notice. 

Decide which neighborhoods you're willing to accept, and price apartments there. Even high end apartments will have to be cheaper to compete with other rentals in the area. 


Go ahead and dicker with your potential landlord to see if you can knock some money off the rent. You never know when someone will be willing to negotiate.

Do you have any skills you can trade for part of your rent? Maybe you are good with plants and could provide landscaping to dress up the building, or maybe you could provide cleaning, babysitting, or other services for the landlord. 


One way to move up in the world is to take a regular apartment and add the luxury yourself. Ask your landlord or your apartment's board for permission to make improvements in your apartment's interior. Then shop for great items at discount stores, estate sales, and antique shops. 

You can create a luxury kitchen with high end appliances, granite countertops, and intricate lighting. Replace old carpet with hardwood or tile. Add a roomy shower to the bathroom or a walk-in closet to a bedroom. 

If you are handy and can make a lot of improvements yourself, you might even be able to save on rent. 


Finding the right apartment at the right price can take a long time. Accept that you might have to look for a while before you find the perfect situation. Keep your eye on the market and on local rentals, and a great opportunity will eventually present itself. 

Watch for landlords who need to find a renter fast or for high end homeowners who want to rent out space in their mansions. If you are persistent, you'll find a situation that works for you. 

It's entirely possible to have a luxurious space on a small amount of money. Take your time, research the local real estate market and work your negotiation skills, and you'll find yourself living the high life.