Improve the Appearance of Your Houseboat and Add These Features

If you are going to be selling your houseboat that is docked at a marina, the following tips can be used to improve the appearance of the boat and provide it with features that will assist with promoting the property.

Wash, Wax, and Paint the Exterior

Mix detergent that is designed to be used on the material that your boat is constructed from with a bucket of warm water. Get into a small boat if you have one so that you can move it close to the houseboat while cleaning it. Otherwise, stand on a dock while reaching outwards with a deck brush that has soapy water applied to it. Use the brush to remove ocean sludge that has dried on the boat's exterior. Rinse the boat off with a water hose afterwards.

Apply a coat of marina wax to portions of the boat that have a dull appearance. Wax will give the houseboat a well-cared-for appearance and will prevent dirty residue from staining its exterior. Add fresh paint to any parts of the boat that were previously painted and are now faded or chipped.

Set up a Dining and Relaxation Area on the Deck

Place a new patio set on the boat's deck and install a marina stereo system. Set up a small grill and a couple lounge chairs. Adorn the table that is part of the patio set with a decorative piece that is weighted so that it does not blow off of the deck on windy days. The dining and relaxation area will provide each person who is interested in purchasing the houseboat with an idea of how they can utilize the deck space if they purchase the watercraft.

Before a realtor brings anyone to see the property, however, cover the pieces that make up the dining and relaxation area with vinyl tarps so that none of the pieces are prone to getting dirty while you are not present.

Add Closet and Cabinet Organizers

Go below deck to determine which items you can remove from the space. Pack these materials up and transport them to another location. Add closet and cabinet organizers to the storage space that is built into the boat and place all other loose items that remain inside of them. Tastefully decorate the living/dining room and sleeping quarters with adornments that contain a simple pattern.

On days that the boat is being shown to prospective buyers through a real estate agent, each one may be impressed with the way you have utilized the boat's space and realize that there will be plenty of room for all of the worldly possessions that they own, as well.