Helpful Financial Information To Provide When Selling Your Home

Successfully selling your home involves more than fixing any visible problems with it and making sure everything is spotless. If you're eager to sell your home quickly, it can be helpful to provide some financial information that can help prospective buyers make an informed decision about your home. Digging up these details and providing them to your real estate agent means that they can be included in the online listing. If this isn't possible, feel free to print the information onto some sheets of paper and leave them on your kitchen counter before an open house. Here's some helpful financial information to provide when you sell your home.

Property Tax Amount

While lots of real estate listings include the amount that the current homeowner pays in annual property taxes, some listings don't have this information. Buyers will want to know, which means that they'll contact their agent, who will contact your agent—and then your agent will contact you for the answer. You can skip this hassle for everyone by digging up your property tax paperwork, figuring out exactly how much you paid over the last year, and providing this number. It can also be helpful to include how often the tax is paid. For example, you might pay your bill quarterly.

Cost Of Utilities

Prospective buyers who want to cover all their bases financially will also want to know how much you pay for your utilities. This information can help people assess how much it costs to run the home each month. Provide the numbers for electricity and water, as well as any other related data. If you partially heat the home with a fireplace, you might even wish to include how much you pay for firewood each year. There's no need to include things such as your TV, phone, or Internet bill, as these can vary significantly based on usage.

Yard Upkeep Bills

You don't know how prospective buyers would approach upkeep of the yard, but it's helpful to provide some figures for them. If you have your driveway cleared by a plowing service, you can include the annual cost for this work. Likewise, you can include how much you pay to have your pool cleaned, your grass cut, or other such services. The information you provide can be helpful for prospective buyers, allowing them to consider the information as they make their decision about whether or not to buy your home.

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