How To Stage Your Bathroom And Kitchen For A Sale

The real estate market can be tough on home sellers, and listed properties could stay for months without attracting a buyer, especially when there is low demand. That is why it helps to properly stage your home so as to give it the edge over similar properties in your area. Home staging typically entails boosting the aesthetics of the home so as to make it more appealing to buyers and hopefully fetch a higher price. Here is a look at how to stage key areas in your home so as to enhance their design, organization and universal appeal. 

The kitchen

The kitchen is a key area in the home that people will normally spend a lot of time in. Staging this area correctly can help buyers see themselves in the home and increase the likelihood of a sale. 

Begin the staging process by de-cluttering the area so as to make the room more spacious. Remove old boxes/containers and get rid of unnecessary countertops, appliances and utensils. You should then scrub all surfaces with detergent to make them bright and shiny. Gunk on the stove, counters, and sink can be very unappealing to many buyers, so spend some extra time cleaning these areas. 

Next, consider painting or staining the cabinets to give the kitchen a bright look and open the drapery to let in more light and showcase the sparkle. Consider adding a few cabinets to increase storage space and modernize existing ones by adding new knobs or handles. 

If you have an eat-in kitchen, accentuate it by setting a small table so as to show potential buyers that the space serves double duty. 

The bathrooms

A bathroom is typically a resale value item of importance in many homes, so it is vital that you put in extra to stage this area. The key to staging a bathroom is to make it clean, bright, and luxurious. 

Begin the process by replacing old fixtures such as taps, handles, and showerheads with sleek ones that will give the bathroom a modern feel. You should then scrub sinks, tubs, floors and toilets until they look like they are in a model home. Most buyers will be turned away by any signs of use in the bathroom such as a stained toilet or soap scum on the sink or tub. If you have glass shower doors, scrub them with steel wool to remove any scum and stains. 

If the bathroom area is small, consider installing a pedestal sink, as it will essentially free up space and make the room seem larger. Finally, consider placing some new rugs and towels that match the bathroom's color scheme.

Keep these tips in mind when listing your home for sale.