Times That You May Not Want To Listen To Your Real Estate Agent — But Should

When you're selling your home or looking to buy one, your real estate agent will provide guidance every step of the way. Although your views on a certain situation may occasionally differ from those of your agent, it's a good idea to discuss your contrasting viewpoints to come to a consensus. Occasionally, you'll need to put your opinion aside and listen to the professional. Remember, your agent doesn't have an emotional stake in the situation. He or she is simply providing the best insight possible that is based on years of experience. Here are some times that you may not want to listen to your agent, but should.

Your Agent Tells You A Fixer-Upper Property Won't Make You Money

If you're the type of person who wants to buy a home that needs work, renovate it, and then sell it for a profit, you might be salivating when you find a low-priced home that has fallen into disrepair. You might also be ready to submit an offer in your enthusiasm, but this is a time that you should slow down and listen to your agent. Your agent will have experience in helping people buy homes to flip and should be able to identify a good deal. In some cases, your agent will be able to see that a property's needs will be extensive enough that it's virtually impossible to make money on resale. In this case, you should back away from making an offer.

Your Agent Tells You To Accept An Offer

When you're selling your home, you and your agent may occasionally have different perspectives on the offers you receive. In the case of a low offer, you might feel offended and automatically wish to decline the offer — perhaps even without submitting a counteroffer. If your agent tells you that this offer is worth taking, you should listen. The agent might know that the specifics of your home make it a tough sell or that the market favors buyers so it might be a while before you get another decent offer.

Your Agent Tells You To Make Some Changes

When you're ready to list your home for sale, your agent may recommend making some changes to make the listing more desirable. Sometimes, these suggestions may be contrary to what you believe. For example, you might love your powder blue bathroom, but the agent could advocate painting it a neutral color. Don't get offended — your agent isn't criticizing your tastes. He or she is using experience to tell you what the average seller wants in a home, and making this change can help you sell quicker.