Use Social Media In These Ways To Publicize Your House For Sale

When you list your home for sale, you'll typically meet with your real estate agent to discuss the marketing strategy that he or she wishes to adopt. While your agent will handle the bulk of the marketing, always a good idea for you to do what you can. Perhaps the best way for you to get involved in publicizing your home for sale is through the use of social media. Your social media network may reach several hundred people with ease, and this group could include someone who is actively shopping for a home like yours. Here are some simple ways that you can publicize your house for sale on social media.

Ask People To Share Your Listing

It's a good idea to post a link to your online real estate listing as soon as it goes live. Unless you've told a lot of people that you're selling your home, this simple step will be effective for alerting people to the listing. You should also ask people in your close network of contacts to consider sharing the listing. If you have 250 friends in your network but 10 people share the listing and they each have a couple hundred friends, the group of people viewing your listing has increased dramatically. When making these requests, focus on friends who live in your city; there's little value in a friend in another country sharing the listing.

Create A Photo Album Of The Listing Shots

Not everyone will click on the link that you post, but given people's enjoyment of browsing social media photo albums, it's a good idea to create an album of your listing photos. Get high-quality versions of all the photos in the listing from your real estate agent; this is especially important if the agent arranged for a professional photographer to take photos of your home. Create a new photo album that contains all of these photos, and don't forget to write short captions, as necessary.

Do A Live Walkthrough

Live broadcasts on social media are popular, so it's useful to use this service to your advantage. Write a post that publicizes when you'll be "going live." Doing so will generate interest and, ideally, encourage people to view your account at the given time. With your smartphone in hand, you can then walk through your home, taking the time to visit each room. Speak about the features of the home and what you like about each room, and don't forget to show the exterior of the home, too. People can add comments to your live broadcast, and you can verbally answer any questions people may have.

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