Four Things An Inspector Will Look For During An Electrical Inspection

When you purchase a home to flip, it is important to realize that it will need to be inspected before you can resell it. One of the most common inspections that the home will have to pass is an electrical inspection. The guide below walks you through a few of the things that the inspector will check when doing the inspection of your property.

Check for Proper Wiring

Some older homes have outdated wiring that is considered dangerous by today's standards. The inspector will inspect the wiring in the home to make sure that it is up to code and all damaged or old wiring has been replaced.

Check the Circuit Breaker Box

The inspector will then check the circuit breaker box to make sure that everything is properly wired to it and that it is not overloaded with wires. Every circuit breaker box is designed to supply a basic amount of power. If it is overloaded with wires, it can cause it to catch fire.

Check for Potential Fire Hazards

While inspecting the home, the inspector will also look for potential fire hazards that can occur through poor or improper electrical wiring. If wires are run through insulation in an attic or wall, it can create a fire. There are specific ways that wiring is supposed to be run in order to ensure that a fire does not occur, if the wiring is not properly run, the house will not pass inspection.

Ensure Power Is Properly Supplied to All Outlets

All outlets need to have power supplied to them. The inspector has a tool that will allow him or her to check to see if the outlets have power supplied to them. If an outlet does not have power supplied to it that means that there is a short in the wiring somewhere and the issue will have to be fixed before the home will be able to pass inspection.

It is important to make sure that the electrical wiring in the home is replaced or repaired by a professional electrician. He or she will know all of the electrical codes so that they can make sure that everything is wired properly. Rewiring a home will not take long to do. Be sure that the electrician has plenty of room to work so that they can get the job done as quickly as possible. If he or she has to constantly move things or work around other people, it will take them longer to do the job.

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