Use These Natural Scents To Make Your Home Appealing During An Open House

A home that smells like a wet dog, cigarette smoke, deep-frying grease, or worse, body odor, will give visitors a bad feeling the minute they step in the door. This can be bad when you've invited guests into your home, but potentially catastrophic when your house is for sale and an open house is scheduled. In order to neutralize unpleasant odors, some people will use potpourri, air fresheners, or candles. While these objects will do the trick, they may also irritate the noses of prospective buyers who are sensitive to scents. It's a better idea to rely on some natural scents to make your home appealing during your open house. Here are some suggestions.

Fresh Coffee

More than 8 out of 10 American adults drink coffee, which means that putting on a fresh pot of coffee before you leave for the open house can produce a scent that many people will find appealing. Even some people who don't drink coffee will enjoy the smell. Walking into a home that smells of freshly brewed coffee can send a subtle message to people that they're "home." For many people, this smell is associated with a pleasant Saturday morning that begins with a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper, so this feeling may enter into people's minds at your open house.

Homemade Bread

There are arguably few better scents to enjoy in a home than freshly baked bread. If you don't have a bread maker, borrow this device from a friend or family member and mix up the ingredients for a simple French loaf. You can then set the timer on the machine so that the bread is due to finish baking shortly after the open house wraps up. This will mean that during the open house, people will be treated to the cozy scent of bread being baked.


Freshly baked pie is another scent that will make attendees to your open house feel welcome. You can bake a pie before the open house begins and set it out on the counter on a cooling rack. This will create a homey feel in your house for those who walk through the doors. You can consider the season when deciding which type of pie to bake. For example, in the fall, a pumpkin pie or an apple pie are perfect choices. In the summer months, cherry pie, lemon meringue pie, or peach pie will all produce appropriate scents.