How to Look Carefully at a Home You Are Thinking About Buying

When you are buying your first home, it can be easy to get very excited about a property. While a home you love can end up being perfect for you, there are a number of ways you can make sure before you make an offer. When you go to a home with your realtor, you have to be ready to ask questions. If you are seriously considering the home, don't be afraid to bring a tape measure and paper with you in order to take notes. You'll want to make sure that the home fits your wants and needs, while also taking a careful look at the overall upkeep of the home.

Take a Walk in the Basement

Basements don't naturally smell musty or moldy, but basements that have a moisture problem do. If you walk into the basement and the odor is overwhelming, you'll want to check with the realtor to see if there is a water problem in the home. If the home has a sump pump, try turning it on. If the sump pump doesn't work, this could be the problem for the musty smell. Walk around the perimeter of the foundation, looking for cracks to see if any repair work has been done. 

Look at the Overall Upkeep

While you will probably want to make some cosmetic changes to the home you want to buy, look around your potential new home to see how well the homeowner has cared for the property. Missing outlet covers, broken lights switches, and cracked windows indicate that the homeowner doesn't care much for the home. Little signs of neglect could mean that larger structures have been neglected too.

Check Out the Yard

You can certainly do plenty of yard work to get a new yard up to speed once you move in, but a yard full of weeds or debris means that the homeowner is neglectful of the property. Check the driveway and look for signs that it may need to be replaced in the near future. This can be expensive; a cost you may not need your first few years of home ownership.

As you consider which home to buy for your first home, you don't need to rush. Know what your budget is by getting pre-qualified for a mortgage, but think about making an offer that is lower than your maximum. You will want to save some room in your budget for house repairs. For more tips on buying your first home check out