Suggest These Alternatives To Having Your Rent Increased

When you rent a house, it's helpful to anticipate that the rent may increase at some point during your stay. It's customary for your landlord to give you advance notice of this expected increase, but you may wish to suggest some alternatives to paying more each month. In many cases, landlords will be happy to listen to your suggestions. This isn't the same as negotiating the rent. Instead, it's you coming up with some things that you can do to benefit the landlord in the long run in exchange for him or her keeping the rent the same. Here are some suggestions.

Perform Some Interior Upkeep

The landlord is responsible for the upkeep of a house that he or she rents, but you may find a degree of flexibility here. For example, if you're skilled with interior renovation projects — perhaps you work as a contractor — see if the landlord would let you do some work on the interior of the home in exchange for keeping the rent at its current amount. This work benefits you because you won't have to pay more each month, but it also benefits the landlord, who will have a nicer house to rent to future tenants — and maybe charge more. For example, you could install hardwood flooring or put new counters in the bathroom and kitchen.

Take Over Outdoor Projects

Depending on the arrangement you have with your landlord, you may be able to take over some outdoor projects in exchange for keeping the rent the same. For example, if the landlord cuts your grass each week, see if he or she would accept you doing this work. Similarly, if the landlord pays for a snow-removal service during the winter months, ask about canceling the service so that you can shovel your own driveway. These changes will save the landlord time and money, respectively, and he or she may opt to keep your rent the same.

Suggest A Trade

Think about what services you can provide and what the landlord might need. Depending on how well you know him or her, you may be able to come up with a perfect scenario that benefits each of you. For example, if the landlord has young children the same age as your children, offer to babysit for a couple hours after school. This will save the landlord paying a sitter for doing this job, which may encourage him or her to keep your rent the same.

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