4 Must-Have Modern Luxury Home Features

Today's luxury homes are a lot different than homes in the past as technology and home design has drastically improved. As you browse through luxury property listings, learn about what modern-day features to look for and how to get the most out of the elegant living space.

Learn about the four modern features and the advantages of the features in a home.

1. Whole-Home Systems

When you are looking for a home with a lot of square-footage, you will want modern-day technology to help handle all of the extra space. As you check out listings, consider whole-home systems. One of the more common is central air conditioning.

Modern homes may also have a central vacuum system to easily vacuum rooms and living spaces without lugging a big vacuum all around the home. Also, check the listings for smart home connections. Built-in wall speakers will provide ways to connect smart devices for easier home management.

2. Master Bedroom Suites

Today's master bedrooms include a lot more than just a space with a bed inside. A modern master bedroom suite should include a bathroom and walk-in closet both attached to the room. For the bathroom, you want to look for a double vanity and multiple bathing options including a jet-powered tub and a stand-in shower stall.

A walk-in closet offers a ton of space ideal for hanging up clothes, organizing shoes, and getting ready for the day. In the bedroom itself, look for reading nook areas or expansion out to a deck or balcony area.

3. Energy-Efficient Installations

The luxury home you purchase should also have a focus on energy efficiency to help reduce the carbon footprint of the living space. The home should make a lot of use out of natural light, including larger windows and skylights. An electric vehicle charging port inside a garage will provide easy ways to charge vehicles.

Some modern homes may already have solar panels installed, giving you alternative energy options. You should also consider whether the home has a stand-by generator. The generator will provide your home with instant power in case of an outage.

4. Luxury Pool Features

A pool alone does not cover the luxury features of modern homes. Many newer homes will include a hot tub or spa area right near the pool. A luxury pool house provides ways to change clothes, enjoy snacks, and keep pool items organized.

The pool itself may feature built-in heaters, infinity edges, and lights so you can swim at night.

Combine one or more of the features to find your ideal luxury property.