3 Extras Worth Getting When Looking At Apartment Rentals

If you have been living in a studio apartment or in a place with roommates, you may eventually get to a point in which you want to move out into a larger apartment on your own. While getting a dedicated bedroom may be a top priority, you should also look for one with higher square footage as this will give you more room for furnishing, decorating, and storing belongings.

Along with finding a unit that meets these particular needs, you should think about taking it a step further by looking for several extras that can improve your apartment experience.

Washer and Dryer

While you will find a number of apartments with shared laundry facilities, you may want to opt for in-unit laundry appliances instead. Getting this feature is ideal because you will be able to wash and dry your clothes at any time without having to get dressed to go outside. Another perk is not needing to be so prompt with using the machines because others may be waiting.

If you do not have time to wash a certain piece of clothing, but you know that you want to wear it for an outing, you can use a dryer to freshen it up before leaving. This is not something that you can reliably do with shared laundry facilities, especially when you must pay for each load.


A feature that can save you a lot of time and effort is a dishwasher in the kitchen. This feature is especially useful if you enjoy cooking homemade meals on a regular basis. Instead of cooking a homemade meal and then being left with a mess that you need to clean up, you can put most utensils, containers, glasses, plates, and bowls into the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning.

When you get your hands on this feature in an apartment rental, you can even make it a priority to buy dishwasher-safe items for the kitchen to minimize how much hand washing is required.

Outdoor Space

While many apartments will come with outdoor amenities that you can enjoy such as a pool, rooftop deck, and sport courts, you may not always be interested in doing something while you are outside. This makes an outdoor space such as a balcony or patio so beneficial because you can step outside to get fresh air at any time of day and without needing to get fully dressed.

Getting these extras with your apartment can help you maximize satisfaction while living there. Keep these perks in mind as you look for apartments for rent