What You Need to Know About Single Family Homes for Sale and Rentals

Should you invest in a rental property? If you want to break into the real estate business, take a look at what you need to know about single-family homes for sale and the questions to ask about your first rental.

Should You Work With an Experienced Agent?

What should you look for in a single-family rental property? If you can't answer this question or you're only sort of sure, you need help from a real estate professional. Not only can an agent help you to find the perfect property and negotiate the best price possible, but the realtor can also assist you with the rental process.

Make sure your agent knows you plan to rent the single-family home. This will help them to select potential properties that are affordable and provide the best return for your investment.

How Can You Set a Realistic Budget?

While it's tempting to buy the best house you can find, a move-in-ready property that checks all of your own housing requirements may not fit into your rental budget. Talk to a real estate agent about what is and isn't a reasonable amount to spend on this type of home. If you buy a home at the upper end of your budget, you may not recoup the costs — especially if the rental market is lower than what you expect.

A real estate agent can review the current prices of rentals in the area. They can help you to understand how much you can earn and compare similar pieces of property (other single-family homes). This can help you to create a realistic budget that allows you to make back the money you put into a down payment and other costs, without going into serious debt.

Can You Buy a Luxury Home?

Some first-time real estate investors don't have much to spend. If your budget is slim, you'll need to start small with a basic single-family home. But if you have a higher budget, consider a luxury option. Investors who buy luxury homes can make a significant return — if they understand this specialty rental market.

Again, a real estate agent can help you to choose the right property and ease into the luxury rental market. Before you buy this type of single-family home, talk to the professional about what to look for in a luxury rental. High-quality fixtures, appliances, and finishes will attract renters who have the income to spend on this type of home.