3 Things to Do When Analyzing Townhomes for Sale

A lot of people want to buy multi-family home units instead of single-family homes. One option you have with this is buying a townhome. They are houses that are connected to other homes in a community, and these houses have some great benefits. Before you choose a townhouse to buy, though, you should do three vital things. Here are the three top things to do to help you choose the right one to purchase.

Learn More About the HOA

Townhomes typically have a homeowner's association (HOA) that controls and manages the homes in the community. An HOA offers benefits and drawbacks, which is why you should learn more about the HOA before putting in your offer. One thing to learn is the HOA monthly fee. As a townhouse owner, you will have to pay a monthly fee to the HOA. This fee is on top of your monthly mortgage payment, so you must make sure you can afford it. You might also want to ask what responsibilities the HOA has to the homeowners in the community.

Determine the Insurance Needs

The second thing to ask about is the insurance. An HOA generally carries a homeowner's insurance plan on the houses, but the plan might not offer a lot of protection to you. You cannot buy a homeowner's insurance plan for a townhouse until you know what type of home insurance the HOA has on the properties. The HOA might have an insurance plan that only covers the home's exterior, or it might have a plan that covers some of the things in the houses.

Read the CC&Rs

The final thing you should do is to read through the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). Every HOA has a set of CC&Rs, and these are the rules you agree to follow if you move into the subdivision. While some HOAs do not have long lists of rules to follow, others do. Reading through this list is a great way to determine if the rules seem reasonable and fair. If you purchase a townhome there, you will have to follow all the rules and conditions on this list.

These are three vital steps to take when searching for the right townhome to purchase. Living in a townhome offers many perks and benefits, but it is important to find the right one. To learn more about townhouses for sale in your city, contact a local realtor.