Should You Buy A Townhome Or A Condo?

When you see townhomes for sale, don't confuse them with condos you see on the market as well. Townhomes and condos are not the same, although they are both types of dwellings that are attached to other buildings.

Should you shop among townhomes for sale, or look at condos only? Your real estate agent will help you make the final decision about which one is best for your needs, and you can also use this comparison guide to help you determine which one you'd rather buy as well.

How much freedom do you want? 

Basically, if you buy a condo, you likely don't have your own private yard, but you can have access to a great community area that can be complete with a workout area, walking path, or even a pool. You'll notice that townhomes for sale often have their own little yards and garden areas and have an appeal that is like living in a single-family house, and sometimes these yards are even fenced.

Also, with townhomes for sale, you'll see that entries to the properties are individual and you cannot access the main area from townhome doors. A condominium, however, can be an entire dwelling inside a larger building that has a main office and hallways dividing one space from the next, which might not feel as private or free, but offers its own benefits.

How much responsibility do you want?

With great freedom comes great responsibility, and the same can be said for owning a townhome. Townhomes for sale don't come with a maintenance crew or groundskeepers, and unless there's a strict HOA that tells townhome owners how to keep their space, owners of these homes are able to do what they want with their property, including the yard.

With condo ownership, however, you get to have someone else take care of the yard, general outdoor areas, and even the parking garage you use. You pay for these services as part of an HOA or monthly fee outside your ownership, but you get the peace of mind knowing you are not responsible for these time-consuming and often costly outside tasks. Plus, you get to use whatever condominium amenities that come with your building, which you may not get with townhomes for sale.

There are positives to both types of attached dwellings and when it comes to making your final purchase, you want to choose the property that is right for you. When considering townhomes for sale, take in location and price, among other things, and take a real estate agent with you when you shop.