4 Deciding Factors To Determine Which Apartment Level Is Ideal

After you find the ideal apartment community and decide on the right two-bedroom apartment floorplan, the next step is determining which floor of the apartment building to live on. Sure, the layout and accommodations of the unit might be the same on the first and top floors, but each level could offer a different experience. Learn about some factors to consider when deciding which floor to choose.

1. Schedule

Think about your work schedule. Do you work a traditional workday, or do you work during overnight hours, including weekends? A lower-level unit might have some issues if the latter is a better description. Especially on the weekend, the tenant above you will likely be very active during the day, which is also when you want to rest. As such, it could be challenging to sleep peacefully and comfortably. People in this group might have a better experience on the top floor since there will not be a neighbor above. 

2. Climate Control

One reason you might decide against an upper-level unit is climate control, especially in warm climates. It is no secret that heat rises. Upper-level units will be noticeably warmer on warmer days than those located on ground level. Given this warmer air, greater effort will be required to cool the space, which can result in greater electrical usage and cooling costs. 


If the apartment building is in a scenic area of town, choosing a unit on an upper floor might also be worthwhile. Lower-level units will likely have all sorts of obstructions, including other buildings and trees. However, the higher the unit is located, the better the view of the outside area. Additionally, if you like to keep their curtains open, you will have fewer privacy concerns in an upper-level unit. 

4. Access

Are you someone who likes to stock up on groceries, or maybe you like to refinish small pieces of furniture? Whatever the case, if you fall into these groups, it means that you frequently have a large number of items that you bring into your unit. Going up and down the stairs can be exhausting if you are on a higher floor and the building does not have an elevator. People in this group might find selecting a unit on a lower floor more convenient. 

Remember all these tips to ensure you select an apartment unit that meets all your needs and keeps you comfortable.  

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